Waterjet-Cutting is a cutting process, suitable for stee-, stainless steel- and alloy panel sheets, glas, plastics, wood and tiles to mention main materials.

This method is usually chosen for items of metal material of a larger thickness combined with complex outlines.

As waterjet cutting is a cold cutting process there are no heat irritation zones. The advantage: The material is not hardened or embrittled by unwanted heat.

The optimal material use is guaranteed by CAD cutting plans.

Range of treatment

Steel:                  1mm up to 140mm thickness, size: 3000x1500mm
Stainless steel: 1mm up to 140mm thickness, size: 3000x1500mm
Alloy:                  1mm up to 200mm thickness, size: 3000x1500mm

Waterjet-Cutting in action

This is how our waterjet machine works.