Waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting is a cutting process that is used for sheet steel, stainless steel sheets, aluminum sheets, glass, plastics, wood, composites, tiles, etc.

The process is mostly used for thicker metals and complicated contours.

Since cold cuts are made, there are no heat-affected zones that harden or make the material brittle.We ensure optimal material utilization through CAD nesting plans.

The optimal material use is guaranteed by CAD cutting plans.

Range of treatment

Steel:                  1mm up to 140mm thickness, size: 3000x1500mm
Stainless steel: 1mm up to 140mm thickness, size: 3000x1500mm
Aluminum:       1mm up to 200mm thickness, size: 3000x1500mm

Waterjet-Cutting in action

This is how our waterjet machine works.