Customer portal

About our Customer portal

Customer satisfaction always comes first, so we thought of something to offer our customers another great benefit.

Through our customer portal, our customers have various options for reducing work processes.

With a clean 1:1 drawing in DXF or DWG format, price calculations can easily be carried out independently, with information such as the desired material and the associated material thickness, so that you no longer must wait for the offer.

Orders can also be created independently.

All items already ordered remain saved and can be viewed at any time. The next time you place an order, it’s just a simple click on the item you want.

In addition, of course, all orders placed can be viewed.

Depending on the number of items, there is an automatic price scale, so that the prices are always adjusted directly, and the customer is offered the cheapest price.

A further simplification by the customer portal is that the shipping costs are determined directly and there is an automatic weight specification for each part.

We hope that our customers are satisfied with the portal and that we have created a simplification of the work processes.