Flame Cutting / Autogenes Cutting

Autogenes Cutting is considered as one of the most important production methods of the metal industry.

The flame is heating up the cutting material even the relevant ignition temperature. Then a jet of pure oxygen of at least 99,5% is blown on the heated point.

The burning process starts and subsequently the jet of oxygen works throught the material down to the lower surface of the material. The burner moves on and as a result a small slit appears.

This method is suitable for all items of low alloying steel.

The machining flame cutting ensures a fast and safe plunge, a high speed of cutting and enables the manufacturing of items without considerable retouching work.

Range of treatment for Autogenes Cutting
We cut 40mm up to 150mm thickness.

High quality of the cut, smooth vertical surface of the cut, perfect metallurgical surface (oxidized).

To bring in drill holes up to a max. of 32mm only one work step is needed.

Flame Cutting / Autogenes Cutting in action

This is how our flame machine works.