Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting was originally developed for thermal cutting of materials that are not suitable for oxy-fuel cutting, such as high-alloy steels or aluminum. Today the process is also used for economical cutting of low-alloy steels. The cutting area for plasma technology depends on the material and is approx. 0.8 to 160 mm thick. Up to a thickness of around 50 mm, plasma cutting is faster than oxy-fuel cutting.

Today’s plasma fine-jet technology enables high-quality cuts with extensive beard-free, low surface roughness, small angular deviation and high repeat accuracy.

Production of plasma cutting:
We cut from 20mm to 40mm thickness.

Advantages of plasma cutting:
Good to very good cut quality
Straight cut surfaces
Metallurgically perfect surfaces (oxidized) or nitrided
Medium heat input
Little hardening at the cut edge
High cutting speed

Plasma cutting in action

This is how our plasma machine works.