Originally Plasma-Cutting was developed for material not suitable for flame cutting like high alloying steel or alloy. Today this method is also used for economic cutting of low alloying steel.

The range of treatment for plasma cutting depends on the material and ranges from app. 0,8mm up to 160mm thickness. Up to a thickness of app. 50mm plasma cutting is faster than autogenes cutting.

Today’s precision plasma cutting technology provide high quality cuts to a large extend free of burns, a low deepness of roughness ans a low angel divergence and a high level of repeat accuracy.

Range of treatment for plasma cutting
We cut from 20mm up to 40mm thickness.

High up to a very high quality of cuts,
Straight surface of the cut,
Perfect metallurgical surface (oxidized) or nitride,
Medium level of heat penetration,
A low level of hardening at the edge of the cut,
A high speed of cutting.

Plasma-Cutting in action

This is how our plasma machine works.