Laser-Cutting is a thermal cutting procress, suitable for steel-, stainless steel- and alloy panel sheets.
This method is usually chosen if complex outlines of items require a precise, quick and almost scratch free finish.
The very high speed of the process and the high level of precision are convincing.
The laser is suitable for various cutting requirements.
They stretch from a precise cut within the range of micrometer of extremely thin steel sheets up to a high quality cut of steel sheets up to a thickness of 20mm.

The optimal material use is guaranteed by CAD cutting plans.

Range of treatment

Steel:                  1mm up to 25mm thickness, size: 3000x1500mm
Stainless steel: 1mm up to 20mm thickness, size: 3000x1500mm
Alloy:                  1mm up to 10mm thickness, size: 3000x1500mm

Mordern cutting machines of the famous Trumps Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH are in place.

Laser-cutting in action

This is how our laser machine works.