Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a thermal cutting process that is used for sheet steel, stainless steel sheets and aluminum sheets. The process is mostly used where complex outlines require precise, fast and almost scratch-free processing. What is convincing about laser cutting is the very high production speed and accuracy. The laser masters a wide variety of cutting tasks. They range from the micrometer-accurate kerf in wafer-thin sheet metal to quality cuts in 20 millimeter thick sheet steel.

We ensure optimal material utilization through CAD nesting plans.

Processing options

Steel:                  1mm-25mm
Stainless steel: 1mm-20mm
Aluminum:       1mm-10mm
Format possible up to 6000x2000mm

Modern cutting machines of the famous Trumps Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH are in place.

Laser-cutting in action

This is how our laser machine works.